Who is Kalahari Scientist.

Who am I?

The Kalahari Scientist's real name is Jonathan Hartley. As a 'mosimane' (young boy), he thought explosions, chemical reactions and the natural world around him were...

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Kalahari Scientist Presentation.


Students are shown many demonstrations using common household items, as well as others involving chemicals that students don't get to experience often...

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What others say.

What Others Say

It was very interesting and educational. I would definitely want to see it again. He explained everything so clearly....

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It is an experience that inspires future scientists and one that your child will remember for years to come... Its educational, inspiring and FUN!

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Welcome to my Science Lab!

The Kalahari Scientist is a former Primary and Secondary Science Teacher originally from Australia. He has personally developed exciting, educational and inspiring science presentations, which he presents to school groups throughout Southern Africa. His presentations are delivered in a way that is easy for students to understand, and have been proven to give maximum 'ooh aah' factor.

So when is he coming to visit your school?

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