Science experience that is fun and memorable!

about the kalahari scientist.

Who is the Kalahari Scientist?

The Kalahari Scientist's real name is Jonathan Hartley. As a 'mosimane' (young boy), he thought explosions, chemical reactions and the natural world around him were pretty cool. However he was more interested in surfing the beaches of Australia than paying attention at school and learning the science behind it all.

After finishing school it was time to take life a little more seriously and understand how all that 'cool science' actually worked, so he completed a Bachelor of Science. Equipped with this knowledge, he could now teach other young ones how exciting the subject of science really can be. For the next 5 years he worked in Australian schools teaching students in primary and secondary levels.

In 2010, Jonathan left Australia along with his wife to volunteer in Botswana. They settled in Molepolole and loved the people, donkeys and phuduhudu so much that they decided to stay. Jonathan still had a passion for teaching and science, so he began delivering science presentations to schools. He loves watching students' mouths drop and amazed faces as he delivers his exciting demonstrations.

However there is also another look that he loves to see on students faces. The one that he had experienced himself many years before, when his love of science began. The look you see on a young boy or girls face which says "ahh... so that's how it works".

Johnathan Hartley.