The Kalahari Scientist presentations are designed to inspire and motivate our next generation of scientists. His enthusiastic way of presenting, coupled with clear explanations, makes it a truly memorable experience for students.

The presentation combines the teaching of scientific principles along with demonstrations. The students are taught how scientific principles have been applied to the real world and their own lives.

Students are shown many demonstrations using common household items, as well as others involving chemicals that students don't get to experience often, such as liquid nitrogen.

The Kalahari Scientist experience supports and complements the fantastic work that is being done by Science teachers around Southern Africa. kalahari scientist shows.


Mrs H Ledimo - Deputy Head

Awesome, educational, really motivational to students

Alex Kaithisha - Student

It was fun, exciting and informative. What an experience!

Helen Nyambe - Student

It was the best science lesson of my life

Teacher - Magoketswane Primary School

The lessons were educational and fruitful to students

Abigail Busang - Student

It was very interesting and educational. I would definitely want to see it again. He explained everything so clearly that I remember every minute of it.

Onalethata Tlhware - Student

The Kalahari Scientist was amazing and if it was not for him, we would not have seen these experiments

Mmoloki Kaleng - Student

It was very entertaining and has made me want to apply myself more in science

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